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Faced with the "Where to go", China injects a new concept into the global governance system

Faced with the "Where to go", China injects a new concept into the global governance system

  Looking back at 2021, under the haze of the new crown pneumonia, global governance faces the complex situation of "old problems, new troubles and troubles". On the one hand, the situation of the epidemic has continued to rebound, and the new crown virus has accelerated variants. The "vaccine gap" is difficult to bridge. The global anti -epidemic cooperation still faces severe challenges. The shortcomings of the global public health governance system are further exposed.

A more serious problem is that in order to cover up the responsibility of resisting from resistance, individual countries have greatly engaged in political manipulation such as the politicalization of epidemics, the stigma of the virus, and the traceability labeling.

  On the other hand, the "obstruction" that hinders the recovery of the world economy still exists: insufficient growth power, four trade disputes, macro coordination, exacerbation of development imbalances, and serious supply chain … These "obstruction" also brings high debt and structure. Urcident and overcapacity and other chain problems. In some major issues, the phenomenon of uncoordinated macroeconomic policies and uncomfortable macroeconomic policies in various countries appeared frequently, and deep structural problems were not effectively resolved. However, at a time when the global economic recovery is difficult, some countries do not think of the combination of groups, but advocate "decoupling", "disconnecting" and "building walls", rushing all the way against the road of globalization, worsening global economic governance.

  Not only that, problems such as intensified geopolitical games, frequent regional hot events, traditional security and non -traditional security problems still plague the world. The global governance system’s governance deficit, trust deficit, peace deficit, and development deficit have been further expanded. The epidemic has accelerated the exposure of the global governance system, and the call for the global governance system of international community reforms is unprecedented.

  Faced with severe global challenges and the choice of "where human beings go", China shows the role of "the world as its own responsibility". A series of Chinese plans and Chinese actions inject a new concept into the global governance system, provide strong starting points, and actively promote the original global governance system and order towards a more fair and reasonable direction. ——In strengthening anti -epidemic cooperation, it is difficult to cross public health with the world. After the new crown pneumonia’s epidemic, China quickly launched the largest global emergency humanitarian action since its establishment. After the emergence of the new crown vaccine, the Chinese vaccine assistance was launched early, fast implementation, many batches, wide coverage, fairness and acceptance, and faithfulness. The global anti -epidemic "lifeline" brought "light at the end of the tunnel" to developing countries. ——Beging of multilateralism is to solve the solution of the crisis with the world.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China to restore the legal seat of the United Nations, and it is also the 20th anniversary of China joining the World Trade Organization.

Over the years, China has adhered to the banner of multilateralism, adhered to the concept of global governance, and adhered to global affairs by discussing the people of all countries, and actively promoted the democratization of global governance rules.

In multilateral occasions such as the United Nations, APEC conferences, and G20 summits, China advocates contributing China’s wisdom to solve global challenges and regional peaceful development.

As the British scholar Martin Jacques said, China is both a persistent person in the traditional global governance standard and a promoter of the new global governance model.

  ——New expansion and opening up, sharing China’s development opportunities with the world.

New coronary pneumonia epidemic creates a global industrial chain and supply chain.

As the world’s largest manufacturing country and the world’s second largest economy, while China strictly improves its own epidemic prevention and control, it has effectively promoted resumption of work and re -production in an orderly manner, and has made every effort to ensure global supply. At the same time, China has opened a platform for the Expo, Canton Fair, Capital Expo, and Service Fair to the outside world to share opportunities in the Chinese market with the world. Promote high -quality co -construction of the “Belt and Road”, signing a regional comprehensive economic partnership agreement, adding a free trade test area … China and many countries in the world work together to meet the difficulties, and to make the cakes of the global market bigger and shared the global sharing worldwide The mechanism is practical, the global cooperation is done, and the new path of exploring mutual benefit and win -win results for global economic governance is constantly.

  ——Shadish the balanced development and build an inclusive tolerance model with the world.

Affected by the epidemic, the implementation of the Angeles of the Sustainable Development in 2030 encountered major setbacks, and developing countries were particularly severe to achieve the challenges faced by sustainable development goals.

In September this year, China proposed a global development initiative, calling on the international community to boost global development partnership, accelerate the implementation of the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda, and promote a stronger, green, and healthy global development.

This is a Chinese plan proposed by China to support the development of developing countries, promote the recovery of the global epidemic, and strengthen international development cooperation. Over the years, as the largest developing country in the world, China has not only consciously implemented the UN 2030 Agenda, but also actively helped the majority of developing countries to solve the problem of imbalance in development. The fairness, effectiveness, and tolerance of global development.

  The global governance system must be shared by the world, and which country cannot be controlled alone. "Rome is not built a day." Only countries adhere to the global governance concept of co -discussion and sharing, continuously reform and improve the global governance system, and promote the concept of the community of human destiny to continue to be deeply practical. (Jia Pingfan) Original title: China has made a unique contribution to global governance (Guanxiang) "People’s Daily Overseas Edition" (10th edition on December 28, 2021).

Xu Anguo: Persist in the original intention of Lide Shushu people and practice the mission of supporting the power of transportation

Xu Anguo: Persist in the original intention of Lide Shushu people and practice the mission of supporting the power of transportation

People’s Daily Online, Beijing (Reporter Sun Jing) The People’s Daily 2021 University President Forum, which is the theme of "Co -Construction, Common Rong, Sharing -Enhance the Development of the Regional Development of Universities and Strategies", was held in Chengdu, Sichuan.

This forum specially set up the Beijing branch venue. Xu Anguo, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Beijing Jiaotong University, attended the forum and spoke. Xu Anguo said that Beijing Jiaotong University is a century -old institution that was born of railway and accompanied by railways. It has a long history of running a school and distinctive industry characteristics. In the new era, the school shoulders the major responsibilities of transportation power, building talents, innovative highlands, and new ideas.

The goal of the school is to cultivate students into a newcomer to have a deep family and strong sense of social responsibility. Xu Anuo pointed out that in the past five years, Beijing Jiaotong University has implemented the central government’s decision -making deployment in depth, in accordance with the unified requirements and deployment of the Ministry of Education and Beijing, the school coordinates multi -party resources, integrates the strengths of all parties, strengthens the top -level design, and effectively promotes the ideological and political curriculum. And the construction of curriculum ideology. In terms of characteristics and practices, there are two main aspects -one is to enrich the content of the course, innovate teaching, and solidify brands with characteristics of transportation.

The school has excavated 33 typical loves to the country from the school history, and summarized the typical cases of more than 30 scientists and 15 scientific research teams in the field of rail transit. Introduce these fresh cases into ideological and political classrooms.

In terms of innovative teaching forms, the school moves the ideological and political class to key laboratories, equipment, museums, and museums in the transportation industry to create the ideological and political issues that students like. The second is to improve the quality of the practical links of ideological and political lessons.

The school explores the teaching mode of "4+4+5" in ideological and political courses. The first is to achieve the four -way resources, open up all the practical platforms inside and outside the school, integrate several related teachers’ teams, integrate the theory and practice in the practice link, and organize the ideological and political courses and curriculum ideological and politics. Followed by 4 platforms, platforms that practice in -class practice, platforms in school practice, social practice platforms, and professional internship training platforms.

Relying on these four platforms, the five major mechanisms are implemented to ensure. When talking about how to make college ideological and political lessons enter the mind? Xu Anguo said that the ideological and political classroom should pay attention to "living". Beijing Jiaotong University’s self -directed and self -directed original drama "Mao Yisheng" and other programs should form campus cultural brands. The vivid Dasheng Class. At the same time, the school encourages teachers and students to participate in large -scale national celebrations to stimulate the sense of pride and responsibility of teachers and students. (Responsible editor: Hao Mengjia, Qin Hua) Share let more people see it.