Jiangsu consumer goods market continues to grow 1

In general, bulk consumption and improvement consumption have become an important driving force for the market. The retail sales of automobiles, furniture, household appliances, and audio-visual equipment above July, increased by 28%,%.

Middle-end goods that can wear smart equipment, gold and silver jewelry, computer and supporting products, more than 100%,%, leading average consumption growth, 上海洗浴会所论坛 showing the consumption and relatively sufficient consumption capabilities of the majority of citizens . As one of the bargows that reflect the daily consumption confidence, catering consumption has continued to grow.

Since May, the province’s business departments have carried out "China Mei Cuisine" and "Jiangsu Mao" series of food to promote consumption activities, plus the factors such as the spring and summer travel season, from January to July, the province has increased the same year-on-year growth.

The epidemic in late July has affected the three quarters of society in the third quarter of Jiangsu.

The Provincial Department of Commerce will play an important role in the outcome of Nanjing, Yangzhou, Huai’an and other places in the epidemic situation, and encourage all 黄浦区水磨价格 localities to give appropriate logistics subsidies. At the same time, through "Quality Life Su New Consumption" third quarter, the old brand carnival and other activities, collect high quality consumer resources, build a new consumer business circle, and continue to drive the consumer market vitality.

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Jenny Yun, which fights with Bethune

Original title: Jenny Eje, who is fighting with Bethune, is located next to the tomb of Bethune, Tang County, Hebei, is closelring a low stone wall, standing another tomb, a few words on the tombstone: Canadian Friends Joan · Yun’s tomb (1911-1987). In this year, was sent by Canada and the US Communist Party, with Bai Zhu’an to come to China, and a young Canadian female nurse.

This white girl has a beautiful Chinese name: Yu Qinglian. China usually translated her into Qiong Yun.

In fact, it is also a more accurate translation for "Jenny". A Jenny’s father Tom McEun is one of the founders of the Communist Party of Canada.

At the beginning of the 1930s, a "inciting crime" in Canada has led to 8 Communists arrested. In addition to the General Secretary Tim Baker, the jail is also a newspaper editor. Perhaps it is in the white horror for self-insurance, Jenny changes his last name, which has become Jenny Yun. Jenny grew up in the years of hunger and cold, and developed from urination into nature.

At the age of 20, he had just graduated from the school. She went to China and served in the barren rural in the country. I opened another medical point in a few years.

After completing the task, only a few months, the god of fate will lead Jenny to the tour of Huaxia land. In the fall of 1937, Jenny received a telephone number of the Minister of Organization, sent her to the medical team, assisting Bethune, because she can speak fluent mountains.

When I was interviewed in the New York, she saw Bethune on the fundraising of the medical team. In January 1938, she fame with Bethune with the same boat from Vancouver. At the beginning of February, when the ship arrived in Hong Kong, Jenny contacted Shi Moite, three people took a transport plane, and flew Wuhan.

In the second to Wuhan, they caught up with the bombing of Japanese aircraft.

Bethune and Jenny put into the tension of civilian hospital to treat the wounded, in addition, there is still four ways to buy a whole 15 boxes.

At the Eighth Route Office of Hankou, the two were welcomed by Zhou Enlai and Bogu.

Jenny remained: "Zhou Enlai and Deng Yue are quietly talking about what, I suddenly opened them, using Chinese, so that this is a surprise." Zhou Enlai is very sincerely warned B & Zhen and Jenny: "Yan’an life It’s hard, and the eight-way army can’t give you.

You have to do hard work! "The next month, Bethune and Jenny accompanied by an Eighth Route Army cadres, take the train north, passing through Zhengzhou, Shaoguan, Linyi, Hejin, Xi’an, experience the fire, chasing the pressure, witnessed the corpse, blood Flow together.

At the end of March, Bethune and Jenni can’t completely arrived at Yan’an. On the night of peace, the two were close to midnight, and the two had been sleeping in a simple kiln cave, but the guards suddenly woke up Jenny, saying Mao Zedong to meet them. Chinese artists have drawn Mao Zedong and these two Canadians in the cave in the cave. How long have they been talked about? What are you talking about? Jenny left a precious sketch for us: "A man is facing the door, standing at the table, one hand is on the edge of the book. He wears the same blue cotton military uniform as Yan’an’s eight-year military warrior, but on the head Anise a star with a red star.

The shadow of the wall is highlighted by his tall body … he smiled and walked towards us, and his mouth said, ‘Welcome Welcome’, reach out he has sleepled his long hands, holding white and gratitude.

His secretary said a fluent English, so I removed the burden of the translation … Bethune reached out and handed his Canadian Communist Party Card to Chairman, Chairman Mao, solemnly took over, then To him, we will transfer your relationship to the Chinese Communist Party … At this time, the Chairman asked me if you learned such a fluent Chinese? …… The four people talk about more and more.

The night is like a wings, and it will pass through the moment.

"Three in Yan’an’s one month, Bethune and Jenny are busy, one side assisted the border hospital improvement, one side of the anti-big young student reported to the world situation. During this period, white and graceful pen, write a lot of prose communication , Use enthusiasm, swaying, briefing the Western world, introducing the China Revolution in Baoda, Yanhe, introduced the Bao Tamshan.

At the same time, Canadian doctor, who worked in the Yudong Church Hospital, also rushed to Yan’an, so that Bai Jule is coming out. Brown doctor is humble, the temperament is, and it has come to China for many years. It can speak fluent Henan cavity Chinese. Bethune praised him, and the two were very polite.

Jenny describes the experience of the Central Propaganda Department inviting them to watch movies.

That is a Soviet 上海油压店重新开门 movie "Xia Boyang" shown in the open space. After the movie was released, Chairman Mao said briefly, introduced three medical staff from the Canadian farm to China to save the wounded wounded.

At this point, there is a small warrior suggest that Canada’s doctor sang a song.

Bethune sang a pop tonna "Joe Hill", the song commemorates a leader of the United States left-wing sports 上海外菜会所 leader who is sentenced to death. When Brown translated the lyrics into Chinese, won the warm applause.

This is a fascinating spring night that flashes on the river flashed and full of joy in the air. After the night is deep, Bethune, Brown, Ma Haide came to Jenny’s cave, which suggested that she will go to Xi’an as soon as possible.

It turned out that when the medical team took a large number of medical equipment with a large number of medical equipment from the Wheel ship, when arrived in Hong Kong, there was a time to come to Xi’an.

Jenny’s task is to welcome this batch of medical equipment, and by the way, try to purchase some medicines in Xi’an, one and bring back Yan’an. Then, three Canadians will start from Yan’an and go to the front line of Wutai.

Jenny will stop moving the next morning, take a truck, go to Xi’an. However, there was a rainstorm during the way, and the two days were delayed. A few days later, Jennie took the truck north, hurriedly chased Bethune.

Unfortunately, when arriving at the He Long troops, Bethune and Brown have already left there, went to Wutai.

Wrong step, wrong life. Since then, Jenny has never chased the figure. Yan’an’s respective, it actually made her feelings with Betun. Since then, Jenny stayed in China for a whole year. She once in the hospital of Yanbei He Long 120, she helped the auction of a large number of wounds left behind, and experienced the fear of the Japanese troops; she was in Suide, and she missed dozens of Chinese characters. It is not as good as she "red." "The little ghost", tuning into a hand and foot, with a ten-stop medical staff; she has hide the Japanese army with Wang Bingnan couple in Hubei, lost all the bags on the boat in the Yangtze River, including her precious film and diary, escape; She was trekmed in Hunan, who was involved in Dongting Swamp. After the Changsha Act, he was killed; she had traveled in Zhou Enlai, with a few foreign men through the Burmese Forest, and turned Hong Kong to avoid refuge; she has also arrived in Shanghai, and she is about to return to China. Due to the encouragement of Shi Mibe, go to the south, transporting medical medicine for the New Fourth Army, and training health personnel for a few months.

In May 1939, Jenny suddenly sick, hurriedly left the Sanyun Fourth Army Station, and took the country to return to China.

Later, Jenny received a bad news from Bethune and the world. In 1987, after Jenny left the world, her daughter sent her ashes to China in accordance with her will. As she said in the will: "My heart stays on the land." (Li Yan).


Jiamusian Intermediate The police police to Jiamusi Radio and Television Lecture

Original title: Jiamusi Intermediate People’s Police to Jiamusi Radio and TV Station to carry out the Propaganda lecture to fully promote the "People’s Republic of China Code" learning and publicity, let the people understand the legal knowledge related to life, work, "I do practical things for the masses" "Practice activities, on the morning of April 13, Jiamusi Interview Supervision Liu Wanli to the Jiamusi City Radio and TV station preached lectures for the TV station. Liu Wanli meets the courage and disclaimer in the Civil Code, the income of the community is returned to the owner, prohibits the promotion of the focus, the protection of personal information, defines the common debt of the husband and wife, 上海外卖工作室微信increases the form of the will, protect the safety of the "head,", respectively, Quality, contract, personality control, marriage family, inheritance, infringement rights, infringement, etc. Let the Civil Code go to the people and walk into the people. (Editor: Wang Yan, Zhao Yi).上海后花园千花网


Is it a hunter or prey?

A few days ago, the Russian Navy General Siki Nikola Evmelov Navy will openly stated that the Russian Navy conducted "white bear -2021" in the Arctic region, three strategic missile nuclear submarines simultaneously completed the ice-saving task. These three strategic missile nuclear submarines hit the rice thick ice layer, and the top distance is less than 300 meters. This phenomenon causes attention.

Under the ocean, the patrol submarine is protected by the ice layer whether it is a routine power submarine or a nuclear power submarine is very susceptible to the threat of various anti-submarine.

Once the submarine is found by the water or air force, there is almost no room, which can only be over, otherwise it will be destroyed. In the Arctic, the thick ice layer can provide a good cover for the strategic nuclear submarine. Electromagnetic waves are almost unavoidable in seawater, and the sonar label throwing of anti-submarine is unable to enter the water, and the water surface ship with carrier sonar systems cannot be deeply accessed.

The routine power submarine enters the Arctic ice layer itself is dangerous, only the strategic nuclear submarine can go deep into the Arctic ice to perform a truly meaningful task. Therefore, it is possible to discover the strategic nuclear submarine under the Arctic ice layer. However, it is necessary to keep silent submarines to find that another submarine is not far from the sea.

The submarine in the ice layer is almost impossible, but the nuclear submarine that lost the ice-protected nuclear submarine will be locked by the radar, which is the only opportunity to implement the blow.

But what is the fact now? Broken ice, the stunning technology made the beautiful dust and the US Navy announced a video of the SSN-769 "Toledo" nuclear submarine on the Arctic ice. The Russian army that has been treated by the ice. Said that the US military’s "dazzling skill" is just a class door ax.

The three submarines and the three submarines have also responded to the US military. Under the current technical conditions, it is not easy to achieve nuclear submarine: the first is a special design, such as the upper part of the enhanced hull, including the command tower, helm and 艏, at the same time plus X-shaped breaking ice Rudder design; Second, the upper part of the boat must adopt a special high-specific material to enhance hardness and toughness; the third is that 上海完美kb新地址 scientific selection of ice-breaking is, such as an ice seam at a lower intensity. The above three-point Navy experience is far less than the Russian Navy. This is why the Russian naval typing nuclear submarine can break the 3 m ice layer, and the US military can only break about 1 meter ice. Going to, I want to use ice-break to destroy the submarine hopes that the Nuclear submarine of the Russian Navy will not easily float. Even if the upper float is discovered, Russian submarines rely on its superior ice-breaking technology, submarine performance and communication command system It is also fully grasped to protect it from blowing, and even take the lead in destroying enemy submarines that open the active detection.

Russian submarine breaks the speed of the ice layer. The three submarines quickly destroy the rice 上海新茶论坛 thick ice layer, indicating that the Russian submarine is not a problem in the rice thick ice layer.

At the same time, it is relatively abundant time to break the Submarine, and it is completely capable of completing the dive and movement before being destroyed.

Even if the rough orientation of the Russian submarine is determined, they cannot take effect in the Arctic, anti-submarine missile and anti-submarine and other anti-submarine investigation equipment. The other party can only send an attack-based nuclear submarine to hunt the Russian submarine.

In addition, there is a power of the Russian Nuclear Submarine that performs the task under combined combat conditions. Once the hidden and the universal area of ??the enemy’s protective power is selected for the submarine, it is very small to protect the air defense and marine power to escort the submarine. (Liang Peihui Li Jiaqi Liang Zhenyu He Jun Tao) (Editor: Chen Yu, Huang Zijuan) Share more people to see.


Japanese wants to repair the "improvement" self-defense team overseas action

On December 14, it was reported on December 13, December 13, said that the Japanese Prime Minister Shi Tianxiong said that due to legal 上海逍遥网论坛 constraints, the Japanese Self-Defense Team withdrew a Japanese citizen from Afghanistan this year. He will seek to improve the self-defense team. (Overseas) rescue action.

At the time of the Congress of the National Party Administration, the Saita, the Saimuo’s question, said that I have insured to reflect to see if I can further improve the actions of the self-defense team by canceling the legal limit.

According to reports, in August of this year, Japan sent a self-defense team to Afghanistan, helping about 500 people who wish to leave Afghanistan, including locals who have worked for the Japanese institution. However, before the end of the task on August 31, they only ship a Japanese and 14 US US asked Afghan people. Japan’s current law stipulates that the self-defense team can only implement dismutors from safe place. Shore Tian Wenxiong said: I understand that it is important to prepare in a non-emergency situation, so we can comprehensively respond to the Japanese citizen to face the crisis overseas.

According to the reason, many withdrawals have failed to arrive at 上海贵族宝贝419 the airport due to the stricter inspection and deterioration of the Taliban. Reference News Online December 14, according to the Communist Party of Tokyo, the Japanese Prime Minister Shore Tianxiong said on the 13th that due to legal constraints, the Japanese Self-defense team withdrew a Japanese citizen from Afghanistan in August this year. He will seek Improve the self-defense team (overseas) rescue action.

At the time of the Congress of the National Party Administration, the Saita, the Saimuo’s question, said that I have insured to reflect to see if I can further improve the actions of the self-defense team by canceling the legal limit.

According to reports, in August of this year, Japan sent a self-defense team to Afghanistan, helping about 500 people who wish to leave Afghanistan, including locals who 闵行水磨会所 have worked for the Japanese institution. However, before the end of the task on August 31, they only ship a Japanese and 14 US US asked Afghan people.

Japan’s current law stipulates that the self-defense team can only implement dismutors from safe place. Shore Tian Wenxiong said: I understand that it is important to prepare in a non-emergency situation, so we can comprehensively respond to the Japanese citizen to face the crisis overseas. According to the reason, many withdrawals have failed to arrive at the airport due to the stricter inspection and deterioration of the Taliban.

White,Just take this kind of thing(qíng)Come kidding,Those who deliberately made it difficult to get in。

it’s good now,It is clear,Nothing,Can’t do anything,I can only look at Huang Lei honestly,Count him through。
She let go,Let Huang Lei in,Still whispering in my heart,This is fine,But it’s fine after thinking about it,Anyway this kind of thing(qíng)Nothing good,Doesn’t matter。
Some time to play with each other,I don’t care what happens at this time,He really doesn’t care much about this aspect(qíng)。
that’s it,Huang Lei and Niu went in,Niu looked at Huang Lei curiously,Ask him how do you know the answer,As a result, Huang Lei spread his hands and said he didn’t know,Just guessing。
He is even more curious when he is such a girl,Absolutely impossible,So it’s all over?
Zheng Li is notoriously tricky,How could it be passed by him in a few words,But then I think about it.。
This kind of thing(qíng)It seems nothing good,It’s enough for Zheng Li to stop making things difficult for them,As for other things,And one more thing(qíng),This is just the beginning,There will be more things next(qíng)occur,This has to make the girl continue to worry,At the same time, he told Huang Lei to be careful and careful。
But after entering the bar,(qíng)The situation is much better than they thought,Not noisy(rè)Make trouble,Not much other things(qíng)Everything happened seems so normal,So quiet,Bars are not like bars,inside(qíng)Relatively pleasant,Everyone should be busy,Play,Play their own,In twos and threes。
Generally, the light must be chaotic in bars,How else can I create this atmosphere?
But this bar is different,No confusion here,Looks very comfortable,It is obvious from this point,This place is completely different from what they knew before,And for this, Huang Lei didn’t have much,Like including girls。
Anyway,this matter(qíng)There must be a problem,Otherwise just wait and see。
Originally, the two of them were already healed before then,Must go together,So no matter what happens next(qíng),They can all relate to each other,Can make bad things(qíng)Get better,Can also make things(qíng)Made easier。
Just a lot of things(qíng)I can’t help them think,It’s like Niu met many old friends,These good friends ask her,Niu is not good to refuse?I can only chat with these friends in the end,words。
Huang Lei was together when he first started,It’s just that from time to time those best friends will look at him with weird eyes,On the contrary, it makes Huang Lei very uncomfortable,In the end, Huang Lei found a reason and left。
He just doesn’t like this feeling,It’s okay to be alone,The next time will naturally become Huang Lei’s own。
Huang Lei had his own,Naughty,Play their own。
just,Niu knows a lot of people,She had fun。
But Huang Lei doesn’t know anyone here,The only one who knows Chen Guanlin and Xu Shan,It’s just that those two guys seem to be(tǐng)busy,Constantly greeted the guests,What’s more, there are Zheng Li and Xu Qin,Huang Lei is not stupid enough to provoke them at this time。
Huang Lei hasn’t forgotten that he was also one of the targets caught tonight,How could those guys let him go。

Last night Xu Xuan trained alone until three in the morning?!

Hibbert sorted out the news he heard in his head,Then came to this conclusion。
but.This is crazy too?
How can it be so crazy?
Where is training,It’s totally desperate!
At this moment,The Pacers players who arrived at the arena one after another also knew about Xu Xuan’s feat.。
West and others looked at each other,All looks incredible。
“Three o’clock in the morning?yesterday I.It seems that I only fell asleep at three in the morning.”
“what?You trained yesterday?”
“Don’t believe him,They train in the arena,This guy is on.”
In the morning9Half past one,When Xu Xuan walked into the arena full of energy,Everyone was shocked。
“This pervert doesn’t even yawn?”
“Is he a cow?”
Saw everyone not talking,Instead, they look at themselves like national treasures。
Xu Xuan touched his head unconsciously,“what,I had an accident with my hairstyle today?”

“First of all,Send a ninja card from the deck to the graveyard,The ninja school on my field·Uchiha belt soil rose from three stars to four stars,then,Activate the ninja effect I just sent to the graveyard,This is also the ninja sealed by you!”

“Anbe·Uchiha Shisui!Effect launch,When this card exists in the graveyard,Special summon a four-star or less ninja with Uchiha Itachi font from the deck or hand to the field,I chose to summon the ninja school·Uchiha Itachi!of course,For this I have to pay a thousand points of life,but,In order to summon the final card,Everything is worth it!”
“then,Ninja School·Uchiha Itachi effect is activated,When this card is on the field,Special call for a toddler·A derivative of Uchiha Sasuke!”
I’m wrapped up and still can’t even speak, infant Sasuke,With zero attack power,Zero defense,An ineffective posture appeared on the field。
“Worthy of being a blogger,Three ninjas were summoned in one turn!”
Tian Dou said in surprise。
“Not over yet!Send three ninjas on the field to the graveyard at the same time as materials,Special Summon Uchiha from the Extra Deck!Uchiha Tomitake!”
“Uchiha Tomitake,It is necessary to have Uchiha Itachi and Uchiha Sasuke,And a ninja that can be specially summoned when a four-star ninja with Uchiha font is used as the material at the same time!”
“Uchiha Tomitake,Effect launch!”
“Remove a ninja from the game,Draw three cards from the deck and send them to the graveyard,Each of them has a ninja with the words Uchiha,I can draw a card from the deck。”
“There are two,So i draw two cards!”
“Write round eye reward,Effect launch,Unless destroyed by effect,Otherwise this card will permanently exist on the field,Every time a Uchiha Ninja remove game from the graveyard,You can draw a card from the deck。”
“Remove the remaining two ninjas used as materials for Futake Summon from the game,I draw two cards from the deck。”
“Uchiha Tomitake,Effect launch!When all the fusion materials used as this card are removed from the game,You can add a kaleidoscope writing wheel from the deck to the hand card。”
“then,Activate the effect of another card I just drawn,Uchiha Recruitment!Unless destroyed by effect,Otherwise this card will permanently exist on the field,Turn all ninjas on the field into ninjas with Uchiha words。”
“Then start the field,Uchiha Cemetery!All the destroyed ninjas with Uchiha,And all the Uchiha Ninjas excluded from the game return to their graves!”
“In addition,That one was sealed by your ninja effect,Card sent to the cemetery,Do you remember?”

this one,Simply impossible。

Lin Yu, someone who has just cultivated,How can I have an enemy?
and so,that’s,The reason why everyone is so excited。
“Let’s go first。”
“This sword,Maybe many people,Want to snatch。”
Brother 2 got the sword,Even think about it,Just speak。
“it is good,In this case,Then let’s leave now。”
The remaining people,Also agreed with the second brother。
“Head of the Shenfeng Sect,We still have something,Don’t stay。”
A disciple of the best sword。
The people who saw this Tianlong Pavilion leave,Found an excuse,Leave quickly。
“We have something too,Not much stay,Thank you。”
Another school,Also followed。
Brush up!!!Multiple schools,See other schools leave。

Memory is also rising。

Basically these products that Huaxia cannot produce independently for the time being,All have risen differently。
“CPUIt’s really rising!”Wang Yufei sighed。
“Maybe the price of sand on the earth has risen?”Lu Yuxin shrugged,Teased。
This is naturally a joke。
althoughCPUMain material is silicon,The sand contains silicon dioxide,Intel productionCPURaw material wafer,Is indeed extracted from the sand,But Intel is absolutely impossible to let the sand truck enterCPUProduction park……
“Maybe Intel decided to sell to ChinaCPUAll the sand from the moon is used for production!”Wang Yufei smiled and replied。
This is actually something that makes Wang Yufei very angry,Because he is preparing to buy a batch of computers and servers in the name of Changxiang Technology,Build a laboratory。
CPUDrive the collective price increase of all hardware,Means that the laboratory needs to pay higher costs。
If it is a global rise,Understandable,Only increase prices for products sold in China,This is a bit of suspicion of bullying。
Whether rich or not,No one wants to be taken advantage of somehow。
And there must be a demon if something goes wrong。
Thought for a while,Wang Yufei walked outside the classroom with his mobile phone。
“Go call Professor Gao?”Lu Yuxin asked。
Wang Yufei nodded。
Just use your mobile phone to go online in the classroom,Wang Yufei still can’t do such things openly。
After all, the Office of Academic Affairs’ denial of electronic products into the classroom is still in progress。
Looking for a teacher to get permission to bring a mobile phone into the classroom is not to show off,But for business,But he wants to know what happened。
Came to the corner of an empty corridor,Wang Yufei dialed Gao Deyuan’s phone。