Wang Yirong took the leader in China, and the minister Luhourt held talks.

Wang Yirong took the leader in China, and the minister Luhourt held talks.

On December 5, 202, Wang Yi, a State Council and Foreign Director Wang Yi jointly took the lead in China, and the Minister Lufurt held talks. Wang Yi said that in the leadership of President Xi Jinping and the President of Geoso, China Indonesian relations have maintained rapid development. The two sides successfully launched the high-level dialogue cooperation mechanism, fully released political, economic, humanities, and sea four-wheel drive role, and promoted the improvement and upgrading of comprehensively strategic cooperation between the two countries. As a developing big country, important emerging economies and comprehensive strategic partners, China and Indonesia have always understood each other, mutual trust, mutual support, both parties must focus on the direction of the co-constructed fate community, solid cooperation in various fields. China will fully support Indonesia’s leaders’ leaders next year, and will jointly promote the G20 to promote the development of world recovery and improve global economic governance. Wang Yi said that China Indonesian vaccine cooperation continued to lead in the region and the global level, became a model of cooperation against developing countries. China is willing to interact with Indonesian President of China ASEAN Health Shield Important Initiative, continue to deepen vaccines and drug research and development cooperation.

China supports Chinese companies to carry out technical cooperation with Indonesia to help Indonesia to build regional vaccine production centers to promote vaccine safety and autonomous security in the region. Wang Yi said that 10 months before this year, bilateral trade volume increased by more than 50% year-on-year. Both parties should continue to use the trade universal working group mechanism and the promotion of the export, East Expo, the transfer party and other platforms, and promote the cooperation between the economic and trade investment in the two countries to accelerate the promotion of the Yawan high-speed rail, regional comprehensive economic corridors and the two countries, and expand. Green development cooperation between new energy, electric vehicles. Luhourt said that he warmly congratulated a successful success in the 19th National Party of the Communist Party of China. It is believed that under the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party of Towels, China will go to a more brilliant future. I sincerely thank Indonesia to provide vaccines, pharmaceuticals and anti-vounger support in Indonesia to help Indonesia achieve high inoculation rate, which fully reflects the friendship of the Chinese people.

Indonesia firmly pursues a Chinese policy to oppose interior of China.

Indonesia attaches great importance to and will accelerate the promotion of a joint project, strengthen infrastructure, trade investment, health care, green development and sea cooperation.

Indonesia actively supports global development initiatives, and believes that the initiative will give strong power to the 20th National Group. The two sides were satisfied with the broad consensus on talks, and I look forward to the second meeting of the high-level dialogue cooperation mechanisms in Indonesia next year. The two sides also exchanged opinions on democracy, agree that countries should promote democratic construction according to their own national conditions, and should be based on the basis of the national people, rather than the Western standards.