Shijiazhuang diagnosed case genome belongs to Delta variarism

Shijiazhuang diagnosed case genome belongs to Delta variarism

Original title: Shijiazhuang diagnosed case genome is a Penta-Detective Press Conference from Delta Variation Strain, from October 26, was informed of the Press Conference of New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic Control and Control. Based on the original streaming work, the city has carried out a wider range of depths, and the newly discovered secrets have all implemented the epidemic management measures.

As of 16:00 on October 26, 4,753 were concentrated. Continue to strengthen risk management. The scientific distribution team, continuously carry out epidemiological surveys, strictly control the secret, and secondary advice. In order to ensure the safety of isolation, the strict measures are taken, strengthen the isolation point management, clarify each isolation point by 1 county-level leaders, 1 department-level cadres, with medical staff, security personnel and service guarantee Personnel, scientific normative management, strictly prevent emergencies, and resolutely avoid cross-infection. At the same time, people with familiar psychological counseling do psychological counseling and emotional appeasement, ensuring the physical and mental health of isolation people.

  Continue to enhance tracking traceability. Hebei Provincial CDC has sequenced the sequencing of new crown pneumonia confirmed patients, and the national health committee and the national case contrast, the preliminary analysis is that the genome of Li is a Delta variant strain, and the epidemic of Gansu, Inner Mongolia and other places Early specimens shared 44 nucleotide variants, genetic heights, were their sub-viruses.

At the same time, a virus carrying a virus for new invisible infection, and has been sequenced by the provincial disease control center gene sequence.

It is now further excavation, and strive to make a substantive breakthrough in traceability as soon as possible. Actively carry out nucleic acid detection.

On the basis of previous nucleic acid detection, nucleic acid detection is continued for nucleic acids.

At 18:00 to 16:00 on October 16, 150,210 nucleic acid samples were completed, and all of them were negative. At the same time, nucleic acid detection was carried out on the 33-class key population, and 12,722,218 people were sampled, and 12,21140 outcomes were all negative. (Reporter Ren Lishuang) (Editor: Li Zhe, Zhu Dragon Super) Sharing Let more people see recommendation reading.