Zhu Lifan presided over the meeting of the Municipal Party Committee Finance Committee

Zhu Lifan presided over the meeting of the Municipal Party Committee Finance Committee

On the morning of November 2, Chen Li Fan, director of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Party Committee, presided over the meeting of the Municipal Party Committee, analyzed the current economic situation, planning to deploy the sprint job, mobilize the city to find the gap, make up the short board, grasp the implementation, and ensure that Successfully completed the annual target task, laying a solid foundation for next year. City leaders Wan Wenhua, Kong Deping, Liu Hao, Xu Kezhen, Wang Xuefeng, Chen Mingguan, member of the Municipal Government Party Group Member Liu Zhiming, Municipal Government Secretary-General Qian Zhong and other participation in the meeting.

The meeting learned the spirit of the ninth meeting of the Provincial Party Committee, listened to the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the Statistics Bureau, the Industry and Information Technology Bureau, the people and Jiangyan District, and the economic operation in the first three quarters of Taixing City.

The meeting pointed out that this year, in the face of complex and severe domestic and international environments, the city’s top and down scientific coordination and economic and social development, and the economic operation is good. At present, the external development environment is still more complicated. The economic downtown pressure has risen. To accurately grasp the trend of the next phase of economic operation, tighten the hair, do a good job, and continue to improve the predictability, accuracy, and protect the innovation and entrepreneuric enthusiasm for enterprises. Keep the work take the initiative in maintaining the force and the evacuation of the avoidance.

The meeting emphasized that it is necessary to anchor the "Guaranteed Six-Finger First" goal, and the key initiatives to afford the sprint, and strive to take the initiative, creativity, and effectively respond to the instability, uncertainty of the external environment, and promote the economic society. Great development has achieved new and greater results.

It is necessary to improve production factors, close attention to key industries, key parks, key enterprises, and do everything possible to ensure power supply, do not understand the benefits of Hui Enterprises, to maintain the business environment, and effectively protect the normal production and operation of enterprises.

It is necessary to promote the improvement of project construction, aim at "three high and one low" project, and promote the "three-way one improvement" action, forming physical work as soon as possible, forming a new growth point.

To accelerate the pace of industrial transformation and upgrading, construction projects, equipment, funds, space and other factor platforms, promote industrial intelligence, digital transformation, and focus on "acres on the hero" reform, and cultivate more companies with super profitability, Continue to build a comprehensive competitiveness.

It is necessary to promote the efficiency of the decontamination and carbon coordination, scientifically implement the "Double Control" requirements, solidly do a good job in ecological environment protection and "healthy Yangtze River" Taizhou action, let Taizhou sky blue, water green, Jingmei. To focus on protecting and improving people’s livelihood, doing good people’s livelihood, always adhering to urban construction Huimin, and continues to enhance the sense of happiness of the people. It is necessary to prevent all kinds of risk hazards, from stricting the exhibition of epidemic prevention, and resolutely build safety production lines, and earnestly maintain social harmony and stability.

The meeting pointed out that the work objectives determined by the Elder Power Generation, the high-quality development assessment goals and the goals of the provinces are striving for advanced positions. It is the "basic disk" of the party committees at all levels. It is also the party of leading cadres at all levels. In order to hammer the "virtual work" work style, embody the "virtual work" work style is reflected on the biting target, reflecting the problem of forming a solution, and reflects in-depth investigation and strong planning, effectively strengthening The sense of urgency, the sense of responsibility, with a drum, and the power of the bottom, and consistently grasped the implementation of the tenacity, ensuring successful completion of the target tasks.

Image Source: Gu Xiangzhong photo recommended.