Zhangzhou: Reserved New Airport Optimization Implemented Three Intercity Railways

Zhangzhou: Reserved New Airport Optimization Implemented Three Intercity Railways

Original title: Reserved New Airport Optimization Implementation Three Intercity Railways On November 15th, the Cangzhou Natural Resources Bureau issued the "Cangzhou Central City Integrated Traffic Plan" (draft) (hereinafter referred to as "planning").

According to the plan, the future, Zhangzhou will build a modern integrated integrated transportation system, build regional modern integrated transportation hub system, continue to play the location advantage of "交 交, Lu Hai intersection", and improve the external traffic accessibility of the three provinces of Minjiang Province The hub service level, and accelerates the integration of Xiamen Springs and the city; will be based on the space development framework of Zhangzhou "Growing Jiang Da, one main two pairs", refactoring the central urban skeleton transportation system, strengthens the main city and Longhai New Town, Changtai New City, Quasi-Hong Kong City and the rapid connection of the corner; will be dominated by green travel models such as public transportation, slow transportation, to achieve green traffic priority, promote public transportation and slow friendly urban construction, and promote new technologies such as smart transportation. The planning period is from 2021 to 2025, from 2026 to 2035; vision outlook until 2050. 1 Coordination of the regional level, forming the "planning", which is pointed out that construction is based on high-speed railway and highways as the backbone, based on intercity railways and ordinary roads, civil aviation, waterway as an important composition, effectively connect large and medium-sized cities and small towns. Fast, multi-level, high-profile transportation networks. The first floor, 4 hours to contact the national central city; second, 2 hours direct to Shenzhen, Zhangzhou and other surrounding central cities; third floor, 1 hour, Dragon Rock, Meizhou, Chaoshan and other adjacent cities and central urban groups and Xiamen, "1 hour" traffic in Quanzhou Central District and the main ribbon is reached. Optimize national high-speed railway channels, advance planning, reservation strategic channels (Zhangmei high-speed rail, Zhangpu to Nanjing City Railway, Xiamen to Dongshan Express Railway, Xiamen Railway Rapidization) cover. Sharing the airport on the track, use the high-speed railway station, intercity railway hub planning to build a city terminal building, high-speed rail, fast iron, intercity, and provide "1 hour" fast travel service in Zhangzhou to Xiamen and Chaoshan Airport.

Reserved Zhangzhou New Airport, Dongshan Commuter Airport, and the demand for high view airline travel.

Expand the central South and the South to the channel capacity, encrypting things to channel density, enhance Zhangzhou and the northeast of Guangdong, and build a highway construction of "four provinces" in the province.

Propose the possibility of adding new martial arts – Zhangwu Expressway, strengthen the radiation of the inland in the city of Dongshan Bay.

Optimize intercity railroad R1, R3 and R6 lines, reserve interconnection and interconnection engineering, realize multi-level, wide-covered intercity railway transportation network; deepen regional road network integration, realize the fast-moving trunk system that is separated from the Xiamen direction, Reserve Hong Kong City to Haishu, Xiamen Island Channel, promote flexible, fast, widely covered with urban road passenger service system formation. 2 Country-level central radiation, all domain convection traffic all-in-law, construction to adapt to multi-way travel modes, rational SPC freight channels, and ensure moderate separation of passenger freight traffic. Form "1 + 1" target in the city range. The first floor, the city to each county center is up to 1 hour; the second floor, each county center to the township town of the township. Strengthen the construction of the central city to the city radioparamount, construct a full range of fast transportation systems with fast railways and highways as skeletons.

Build a multi-level urban and rural passenger transport network. Optimize national highway lines, further encrypt the provincial road network, realize the "county-county interconnection", "township Tongda", "node communication", and improve transportation efficiency. 3 Urban-level reconstruction system, accelerate the integration of Changda Road network, create high-quality bus, shaping quality, guiding the standard parking, highlighting the characteristics of Zhangzhou, guaranteeing the transportation system to form an interaction with the central urban space layout and construction land, 15 minutes Access to the fast road system, 30 minutes to complete the cross-regional travel, and the main function of the rail transit is 40 minutes. Construction of rail transit as the skeleton, backbone bus as the main body, branch bus is a multi-model, multi-level urban bus system, priority to the public transportation station, and improve the transfer hub and connect facilities.

Construct space continuous walking and non-motor train transportation facilities network, priority to ensure the slow traffic and space, combined with urban special space to build specialized slow traffic corridors, innovate slow amenities, corridor construction model. Forming a parking supply system that is maintained by the construction of the construction and parking, the roadside independent parking lot, the road to parking is supplemented by the road to formulate the management system of the urban parking partition.

Intercity Railway R1, R3 and R6 line line R1, R1, Central City, Zhangzhou, R1, R1, Starting on Shi Ting Station, Jingxi Station, Administrative Center Station, Zhangzhou Station, Longhai Station to Lengjiang Station R1 Branch: Starting on Shiting Station, Jingzhou Station, Zhangzhou East Railway Station to Changtai Station R3: Started with Shishing Station, Jingjing Station, Lantian Station, Longhai Station to Hong Kong City Station R6: Hong Kong City Station to Dongshan (Editor: Chen Chuchu , Wu Zhou) Share more people see the client download.