Jenny Yun, which fights with Bethune

Original title: Jenny Eje, who is fighting with Bethune, is located next to the tomb of Bethune, Tang County, Hebei, is closelring a low stone wall, standing another tomb, a few words on the tombstone: Canadian Friends Joan · Yun’s tomb (1911-1987). In this year, was sent by Canada and the US Communist Party, with Bai Zhu’an to come to China, and a young Canadian female nurse.

This white girl has a beautiful Chinese name: Yu Qinglian. China usually translated her into Qiong Yun.

In fact, it is also a more accurate translation for "Jenny". A Jenny’s father Tom McEun is one of the founders of the Communist Party of Canada.

At the beginning of the 1930s, a "inciting crime" in Canada has led to 8 Communists arrested. In addition to the General Secretary Tim Baker, the jail is also a newspaper editor. Perhaps it is in the white horror for self-insurance, Jenny changes his last name, which has become Jenny Yun. Jenny grew up in the years of hunger and cold, and developed from urination into nature.

At the age of 20, he had just graduated from the school. She went to China and served in the barren rural in the country. I opened another medical point in a few years.

After completing the task, only a few months, the god of fate will lead Jenny to the tour of Huaxia land. In the fall of 1937, Jenny received a telephone number of the Minister of Organization, sent her to the medical team, assisting Bethune, because she can speak fluent mountains.

When I was interviewed in the New York, she saw Bethune on the fundraising of the medical team. In January 1938, she fame with Bethune with the same boat from Vancouver. At the beginning of February, when the ship arrived in Hong Kong, Jenny contacted Shi Moite, three people took a transport plane, and flew Wuhan.

In the second to Wuhan, they caught up with the bombing of Japanese aircraft.

Bethune and Jenny put into the tension of civilian hospital to treat the wounded, in addition, there is still four ways to buy a whole 15 boxes.

At the Eighth Route Office of Hankou, the two were welcomed by Zhou Enlai and Bogu.

Jenny remained: "Zhou Enlai and Deng Yue are quietly talking about what, I suddenly opened them, using Chinese, so that this is a surprise." Zhou Enlai is very sincerely warned B & Zhen and Jenny: "Yan’an life It’s hard, and the eight-way army can’t give you.

You have to do hard work! "The next month, Bethune and Jenny accompanied by an Eighth Route Army cadres, take the train north, passing through Zhengzhou, Shaoguan, Linyi, Hejin, Xi’an, experience the fire, chasing the pressure, witnessed the corpse, blood Flow together.

At the end of March, Bethune and Jenni can’t completely arrived at Yan’an. On the night of peace, the two were close to midnight, and the two had been sleeping in a simple kiln cave, but the guards suddenly woke up Jenny, saying Mao Zedong to meet them. Chinese artists have drawn Mao Zedong and these two Canadians in the cave in the cave. How long have they been talked about? What are you talking about? Jenny left a precious sketch for us: "A man is facing the door, standing at the table, one hand is on the edge of the book. He wears the same blue cotton military uniform as Yan’an’s eight-year military warrior, but on the head Anise a star with a red star.

The shadow of the wall is highlighted by his tall body … he smiled and walked towards us, and his mouth said, ‘Welcome Welcome’, reach out he has sleepled his long hands, holding white and gratitude.

His secretary said a fluent English, so I removed the burden of the translation … Bethune reached out and handed his Canadian Communist Party Card to Chairman, Chairman Mao, solemnly took over, then To him, we will transfer your relationship to the Chinese Communist Party … At this time, the Chairman asked me if you learned such a fluent Chinese? …… The four people talk about more and more.

The night is like a wings, and it will pass through the moment.

"Three in Yan’an’s one month, Bethune and Jenny are busy, one side assisted the border hospital improvement, one side of the anti-big young student reported to the world situation. During this period, white and graceful pen, write a lot of prose communication , Use enthusiasm, swaying, briefing the Western world, introducing the China Revolution in Baoda, Yanhe, introduced the Bao Tamshan.

At the same time, Canadian doctor, who worked in the Yudong Church Hospital, also rushed to Yan’an, so that Bai Jule is coming out. Brown doctor is humble, the temperament is, and it has come to China for many years. It can speak fluent Henan cavity Chinese. Bethune praised him, and the two were very polite.

Jenny describes the experience of the Central Propaganda Department inviting them to watch movies.

That is a Soviet 上海油压店重新开门 movie "Xia Boyang" shown in the open space. After the movie was released, Chairman Mao said briefly, introduced three medical staff from the Canadian farm to China to save the wounded wounded.

At this point, there is a small warrior suggest that Canada’s doctor sang a song.

Bethune sang a pop tonna "Joe Hill", the song commemorates a leader of the United States left-wing sports 上海外菜会所 leader who is sentenced to death. When Brown translated the lyrics into Chinese, won the warm applause.

This is a fascinating spring night that flashes on the river flashed and full of joy in the air. After the night is deep, Bethune, Brown, Ma Haide came to Jenny’s cave, which suggested that she will go to Xi’an as soon as possible.

It turned out that when the medical team took a large number of medical equipment with a large number of medical equipment from the Wheel ship, when arrived in Hong Kong, there was a time to come to Xi’an.

Jenny’s task is to welcome this batch of medical equipment, and by the way, try to purchase some medicines in Xi’an, one and bring back Yan’an. Then, three Canadians will start from Yan’an and go to the front line of Wutai.

Jenny will stop moving the next morning, take a truck, go to Xi’an. However, there was a rainstorm during the way, and the two days were delayed. A few days later, Jennie took the truck north, hurriedly chased Bethune.

Unfortunately, when arriving at the He Long troops, Bethune and Brown have already left there, went to Wutai.

Wrong step, wrong life. Since then, Jenny has never chased the figure. Yan’an’s respective, it actually made her feelings with Betun. Since then, Jenny stayed in China for a whole year. She once in the hospital of Yanbei He Long 120, she helped the auction of a large number of wounds left behind, and experienced the fear of the Japanese troops; she was in Suide, and she missed dozens of Chinese characters. It is not as good as she "red." "The little ghost", tuning into a hand and foot, with a ten-stop medical staff; she has hide the Japanese army with Wang Bingnan couple in Hubei, lost all the bags on the boat in the Yangtze River, including her precious film and diary, escape; She was trekmed in Hunan, who was involved in Dongting Swamp. After the Changsha Act, he was killed; she had traveled in Zhou Enlai, with a few foreign men through the Burmese Forest, and turned Hong Kong to avoid refuge; she has also arrived in Shanghai, and she is about to return to China. Due to the encouragement of Shi Mibe, go to the south, transporting medical medicine for the New Fourth Army, and training health personnel for a few months.

In May 1939, Jenny suddenly sick, hurriedly left the Sanyun Fourth Army Station, and took the country to return to China.

Later, Jenny received a bad news from Bethune and the world. In 1987, after Jenny left the world, her daughter sent her ashes to China in accordance with her will. As she said in the will: "My heart stays on the land." (Li Yan).